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Program Management: creating a culture of repeatable success

The edge of the fierce top-leading companies today need processes. The process should be a strategic process that is properly planned in the right amount, based on the organisation’s context. If you want to know the reason why the process is important to a company and to program management likewise; you just need to view the news. No month will go by without some famously recognised organisation publicly admitting a major project failure.

Aside from that, the late delivery and cost overruns of the project sometimes cause disorder and disturbance within the company. This is the reason companies that survive and thrive today and in the near future are those that have put proper processes in place. Additionally, they should infuse new people and new technology into their current processes to produce high-quality products and services.

Even though technology and people are essential, they are just inputs that are backing the process. The Process permits an organisation to exist for a long period. However, it is important to know that process without leadership is sterile and leaders must initiate process so that it accelerates success instead of blocking it. Leaders in this context are the program managers.

Listed below are steps to aid you to create your own unique culture of program management.

1. State program management vision that dedicates to Business Success

Your project managers need to know the “what” of the projects they are about to execute. This is about the vision which stipulates what strategic business aims and objectives to achieve by these projects. And although each project chases a special goal, their achievements contribute to the accomplishment of one or numerous business priorities of your company. It must be made in a way that dedicates to the success of your business. It is also important to note that making the right vision statement will minimise management.

2. Define Purpose

The purpose is the reason the company is doing their programs. If you state a ridiculous purpose, your team will find it difficult to stand behind it for a long period. It should be enthralling enough to offer them a great reason why they should work on your business projects.

The purpose permits keeping your culture of program management as proximate to the staff as possible. It can also deliver some benefit to mankind and not just your company. For instance; donation, facilitation, charity, and social development. Nonetheless, the purpose should be concise and simple.

3. Create a Business Model that Targets at the Customer

The biggest portion of your program management revenue is from your customers. If your culture is in line with the customer’s wants, needs, and demands you can clear the way for repeated success in your business.

A business model that will describe the means and methods that your company employs to earn the revenue from program activities should be made. The model should be targeted at the customer to sway them to your vision and pursue the purpose without neglecting their satisfaction.

If the customers’ satisfaction is neglected in favour of revenue matters, your company will lose the trust and loyalty of the customers. And that is the same way, your program management culture gets dissolved rather than develop.

4. Explain what’s exceptional about your approach

All the stakeholders namely; team, customer, sponsor, experts, and so on prefer to work with your company when they realise the special factors underlying your program management approach. But what’s exceptional about it? What makes it exciting and enthralling? Why do stakeholders feel they have an actual stake in the projects?

Your job is to surprise them, give them something that your rivals can’t deliver. And this “something” should be entrenched into your culture of program management.

Final Words:

Several companies have attempted to buy their way to a successful project management culture by ordering tools or employing consultants only to fail because of a lack of good leadership and integrity prevented them from following structured and organised common sense. It’s very important to employ an exceptional program manager and also to use modern project management tools that can aid the work of the team members.

Powerful leadership at the business and program-level results in repeatable success.

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