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Lessons Learnt to Drive Future Success

Applying the lessons learnt from previous endeavours, enables us to sharpen our focus to deliver better outcomes for the future.

There is so much rich data at our finger tips, when we set out to commence our next program/project. Consider the many avenues/repositories of data you can access to rapidly improve your chances of success. In this blog, we will explore some of the many approaches where you can extract meaningful data to point you in the right direction.

Pre Implementation Review

We focus so much on Post Implementation Reviews [and I am not suggesting that this should stop], yet establishing a 'Pre Implementation Review' regime will frame a successful launch of any program/project. Establishing a review of what worked well and what needs to improve in the past, will give you an environment for a successful start.

Ideally, program/project and business stakeholders need to be established early and engaged often; to ensure clarity of the problem being solved. Both parties will establish a level of subject matter expertise that will ensure that the problem is viewed from all angles. Programs and project that choose to take the lead from one stakeholder or the other, will lose the chance to 'see' the problem from a unique perspective.

Voice of the Customer

Having meaningful conversations with you customers [whether it be internal or external to your organisation], will provide a framing of the problem you are solving; from their perspective. Customers are ultimately your end users and will not necessarily give you direct feedback post implementation. Generally, the feedback you receive from your customers post implementation, will be in the form of adoption rates.

Consider asking questions around 'what does success look like for you', in order to flesh out the problem that you are trying to solve. Interviews with you customers will elicit pain points that you may not have considered, which could be 'low hanging fruit' that you can achieve without much effort, time or cost to your program or project.

Post Implementation Review

Bringing the key program/project stakeholders and team members together post implementation, will ensure that you are able to assess your objectives vs. what was achieved. During this process, a good simple method of evaluating the channels and inputs is the 'stop, start, continue' approach.

Asking participants to consider things to stop doing, start to implement for the next engagement[s] and continue using; will provide an objective review of the process and activities, rather than a subjective 'personalised' attack that will not be beneficial for anybody.

Business Analytics

There will be a plethora of data points that already exists in your organisation, which will guide you to deal with the business aspect of the problem you are trying to solve. These include [but are no means limited to]:

- Financial performance

- Customer experience feedback

- Customer acquisition and exit rates

- Supply chain target vs. delivery rates

- Employee engagement results

- Media [including social] sentiment

- Process performance rates

- Regulatory, risk and compliance results

- IT response rates

These data points will sharply point out the 'bottlenecks' and issues that need to be addressed internally, to ensure a full understanding of the problem. Ensure you liaise with all business areas in the extraction of data, which will also give you early insight on engagement and the need for continued engagement with those business areas.

How well do you go with capturing lessons learnt to drive future success? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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