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Laevo helps you manage large-scale change projects so you can focus on doing great work!

Business is ever-evolving, so organisations will be regularly forced to manage large-scale, change management projects. Change is a good thing. It’s about moving your company in a new, bold direction, and the project management aspect of change should be simple, and rewarding.

Through our digital Project Management Office [dPMO], we want to help you change the way you manage change; making projects agile, enjoyable, and transparent.

The investment in transforming your business is significant - infrastructure, the supply and value chain, partners, the community and your people.  LaevoIGNITE enables you to design, connect and transform your business; to deliver your strategic vision.

LaevoIGNITE is suitable for...

Organisational Restructures [including Mergers & Acquisitions]

Strategic Programs & Projects

Business & Digital Transformation Programs

Enterprise Change Programs

The LaevoIGNITE Platform

Changing the way you manage change!

Through 5 unique modules [used either independently or interconnected] LaevoIGNITE is your end-to-end digital Project Management Office [dPMO]...enabling you to design, plan and deliver sustainable change; at scale.  Let's take a look at the 5 modules:


Future frame your organisation

Strategy Design | Business Model | Requirements Analysis | Benefits Calculator

Firstly, you need to understand how your new solution links to your organisation’s strategies and the KPI’s for success. Then you want to assess your business models for enabling the new solution's potential for success.  Now that you know the direction of your organisation and how your business can support and sustain the new solution, you want to assess what your business needs; ensuring you stay on track.  Before starting out, you want to understand the benefits your organisation can achieve from successfully implementing your new solution.



Plan to deliver results

Project Planning | Service Centre | Workforce Planner | Business Architecture

Now you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get cracking. A failure to plan is a plan to fail, so let’s capture all of the critical activities, milestones, risks, issues, etc... All the while being methodology agnostic. You’ve built a great plan, but we all know things change... Let’s make sure we capture these changes with the decisions that were made. With your great plan, you need to assign people to activities and keep the momentum going - making sure not to over commit or under utilise your key resource...Your people. Don’t forget, you want to understand the processes that you have in place and need to create, to make sure your solution is repeatable and scalable.


Engage with your stakeholders

Stakeholder Analysis | Campaign Management | Validation Centre | Experience Mapping

Well done...You’ve got a plan of action; but don’t forget your stakeholders. You want to understand how and when to engage with them, to gain support and minimise resistance for your new solution. Now you know how and when to engage with your stakeholders, it’s great to regularly communicate with them through multiple media mediums.  Your stakeholders will have a particular set of needs, to make sure they can use the new solution; so make sure you capture their definition of success to test against. And finally, understand where their pain points are in their daily lives, so the solution makes their days better.



Deliver new capabilities

Module Design | Curriculum | Assessments | Training Needs

You’re well on your way now. You’re about to deliver your new solution, but will people be able to use it? Time to capture all of your new solution's technical operating details to share with your people. Place your modules into your organisation’s set of collective modules that people want to learn. Do you know how well your people have picked up the new training; maybe test their knowledge. But how do you know who needs what training; better analyse what needs to be delivered to who.


Continually improving the delivery lifecycle

Business Readiness | Lessons Learnt | Engagement Tracker | Survey Creator

You’ve got your new solution, you know what benefits it will provide to your business, your stakeholders and people are engaged and trained...Don’t stop there, make sure you stay on top of everything. Is the business ready to adopt the new solution? When the solution is in use, check in to see what went well and what could be done better in the future. Don’t stop engaging with your stakeholders; you will want be on top of their satisfaction. Finally, reach out to your people and ask for their opinions; you might unlock some valuable information.


Benson Lau, Customer Success Director


Zencode is happy to work together with Laevo to promote an innovative product that puts the human back into project management.  Zencode is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that solve our enterprise clients needs from APAC's largest banks to telecommunication providers, we look to help.


Nick Bendel, Managing Director

Hunter & Scribe

Matthew got me to think about my business in a way that I’d never done before.  He made me think about how I wanted the business to evolve over the next one, two, five and 10 years, the structural changes I’d need to make and the people I’d need to employ.  He also made me put real numbers alongside my assumptions, which made me realise that some of my assumptions were flawed.

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