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End-to-end project management software...
that lets you get on with building tomorrow!

Laevo: enabling you to build!

Laevo provides next level interconnectedness for all of your projects, so you can focus on doing great work!

With the ever-changing business landscape that we are facing, you need technology that will seamlessly track and report on one of your most significant areas of investment; the end-to end planning and delivery of project outcomes.

Through our
methodology agnostic digital Project Management Office [dPMO], we want to help you change the way you manage this critical strategic investment; making projects agile, enjoyable, and transparent.

The investment in transforming your business is significant - infrastructure, the supply and value chains, partners, the community and your people.  LaevoIGNITE enables you to design, connect and transform your business; to deliver your strategic vision.

Create your business case

Capture opportunities to deliver your strategic goals.


Identify and drive your program and/or project benefits, priorities and outcomes.

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Business Case Builder

Build your activities

With integrated workflows for approvals, through to the interconnectedness of all your programs and project; now you have a holistic view.

Take control of your timeline, financials, risks, issues, dependencies, decisions...and so much more.

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Team collaboration and outputs

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With an understanding of your planned vs. actual costs, plus how you are tracking, LaevoIGNITE forecasts where you'll likely end you greater data to drive your decisions!

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Earned Value Management

Report your progress

One of the most valuable keys to your success, is the engagement of your stakeholders.

Providing all of your stakeholders with real-time progress will get them more involved, earlier!

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Real-time Web-based Reporting

Manage your resource capacity

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Knowing who's available and when is always tough, when managing projects.

With LaevoIGNITE's Workforce Planner, you'll have immediate insight in to this valuable intel.

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Workforce Planner
[Utilisation and Change Impact]

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Integrate with other systems

The LaevoIGNITE platform has a set of complete end-to-end, open source API's, which enables you to connect to other enterprise you the complete picture!




HR / Payroll

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Asset Management

Contract Management

Our Valued Customers & Partners

Trusted by innovative businesses


Benson Lau, Customer Success Director


Zencode is happy to work together with Laevo to promote an innovative product that puts the human back into project management.  Zencode is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that solve our enterprise clients needs from APAC's largest banks to telecommunication providers, we look to help.


Nick Bendel, Managing Director

Hunter & Scribe

Matthew got me to think about my business in a way that I’d never done before.  He made me think about how I wanted the business to evolve over the next one, two, five and 10 years, the structural changes I’d need to make and the people I’d need to employ.  He also made me put real numbers alongside my assumptions, which made me realise that some of my assumptions were flawed.

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